When you do some Web searching, it’ll become pretty apparent very early on that there are a great many options for electric pressure washers. There are no one-size-fits; however, we’ve come up with some compelling reasons why you might need an electric¬†pressure washer. We hope they help you get started in choosing what will work best for you.

#1: Water Conservation

The environmental impact of using an electric pressure washer is much less than using a gas-powered unit. The amount of wastewater is minimized along with the noise created by gas units. The filters in the electric units are reusable and last longer, which will conserve your money on filters. Additionally, the usage of electricity cuts down on emissions pollution.

#2: Low to Non-Existent Maintenance

You need to ensure your unit is stored in a clean, dry area after each use and perform monthly checks of all screws and seals for excessive wear or damage. If you stay on top of this routine maintenance, you should not need to do much else.

#3: Affordability

Many cheaper electric pressure washer models make for great entry-level options yet still provide the power you require. We recommend browsing used ones; this will allow you to get an older model that has likely already gone through its initial break-in period. Always check the warranty terms, though, just in case.

#4: Easy Start-Up

There’s not much to it when you want to get your machine up and to run. Just plug in the device and turn on the water faucet. Now, if there was one issue I could find with electric units, it’s how difficult they can be to start if the team is not pre-warmed. I usually take the time to let mine sit out in the sun for about an hour before use, which seems to do the trick.

#5: Simple Maintenance

Since electric pressure washers are powered by electricity, there are no gas fumes or oil to deal with. This makes it easy to clean the machine at the end of each use. We recommend wiping down all plastic components and ensuring that all metal parts are dry before putting them away for storage. Check out our detailed guide on how to maintain your electric power washer.

#6: Easy Storage

Without a doubt, you can store an electric pressure washer much more accessible than its gas-powered counterparts. We’ve taken some pictures below, which showcase this point perfectly. You don’t need ample space for storage, nor do you have to worry about storing gasoline properly (or safely).

#7: Easier Mobility

The typical way to achieve mobility with a gas-powered pressure washer is by using the wheels typically attached to the unit’s base. This makes it easy to pull your machine around, but you also run into issues with not wanting to roll through puddles or drive on unkempt grass or soft surfaces due to fear of puncturing the tires. Electric models usually come with built-in casters, making it much easier to navigate irregular terrains when cleaning.

#8: Saves Time

Let’s face it; time is money when considering most pressure washing tasks. The electric motor allows these machines to get up and running quickly without worrying about warming up an engine or adding oil before starting the machine. Additionally, they take up much less space and are lighter than their gas-powered counterparts, which can save you time in set-up and takedown.

#9: Quieter Operation

While I enjoy the sound of a running engine, not many people have that same passion for pressure washer motors. Electric units run more quietly on average since they don’t have to power a fuel-injected motor. This makes it easier for you to get tasks done if noise is an issue or workaround residential areas with noise limitations.

#10: Easier Physical Requirements

Pressure washing will be a labour-intensive task regardless of what type of unit you choose. However, electric pressure washers require less physical movement to complete the same functions. There is no need to pull-start, nor do you have to push a primer bulb repeatedly until it pumps enough fuel into the carburetor. All you have to do is connect your garden hose and get ready to go.

#11: Higher Chemical Tolerances

Chemical tolerance tends not to be very high on the list of most pressure washer users. However, this can become extremely important in some situations. A gas-powered pressure washer will typically only tolerate chemicals up until 5% before causing internal damage, leading to engine failure. This means if you were using more than 5% soap or chemical mixture in your water tank, you would have caused irreversible harm to your unit. Electric pressure washers usually have 10-15% chemical tolerance levels, making running with soap and chemicals much easier for tasks like cleaning siding or decks.

#12: Electric Units Have Lower Prices

There are several different types of electric pressure washers available on the market. A typical home use machine will range anywhere from $100-$300. While this is still a large chunk of change, it’s worth noting that there are gas-powered models out there in this same price range (if not higher). Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about additional expenses such as oil changes, spark plugs, air filters, etc.

#13: More Eco-Friendly Operation

We all want to do our part in preserving the environment. Electric pressure washers help you achieve your goal by utilizing an already existing energy source (i.e. electricity vs gas). This means less drilling more clean water.

#14: Easier to Start

As previously mentioned, there is no need to prime these machines, nor do many of them require manual choke controls. Furthermore, electric devices tend to have lower pull weights, making it easier for anyone with hand strength or arthritis issues.

#15: Higher PSI Outputs Than Gas Models

Gas-powered pressure washers are typically limited to their maximum psi output. For example, most machines in this category range from 1 -3200 psi max levels. On the other hand, electric pressure washers can range anywhere from 1800 -2800 psi, with most units topping out around the 2500 psi mark. This means that if you’re looking for more cleaning power than your standard gas motors, an electric cleaner may be the right choice for you.

Final Words – 15 Compelling Reasons Why You Need an Electric Pressure Washer

With all of the benefits electric pressure washers have to offer; it’s no wonder that more and more people are opting for these types of units. A bonus is that they cost less than gas machines on average yet provide higher PSI output which means you can get more cleaning power out of them.

I hope this article has provided some valuable insight into what type of equipment will work best for your projects. The 15 points listed above are not exhaustive; however, I tried to cover all the significant benefits of using one over its counterpart.


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