The machining world and manufacturing industry have benefited from many technological advancements over the last few years. Computer numerical control (CNC) has now taken over the manufacturing processes. One such machine you can get for your business is the cnc mini lathe, which has replaced traditional lathe machines.

The CNC lathe is an improvement of the manual lathe. It works by spinning the raw material (workpiece) along an axis with the cutting tool giving it the desired shape. These are some of the reasons to get a CNC lathe machine.

Higher Precision

The manual lathe offers you control to alter the shape of the workpiece as you want. Any turning, tapering, or drilling done by hand is prone to natural shakes. As a result, your finished product can have imperfections. If you want to create products with consistency, then you should get CNC machine. In this era, you do not want to waste materials. You cannot afford to drill a hole that is too big. Since modern lathes are computerized, you can automate your manufacturing process.

Save Money

With the CNC lathe, you are guaranteed more precise manufacturing and quick turnaround. As a result, you can save a lot of money. Although a lathe machine is an expensive investment initially, the lathe machine will end up paying for itself. Mistakes that are caused by hand are eliminated and your production rate increases. When you have higher production, you make your business more reliable as it fulfills orders.

Process Different Materials

Most CNC lathe machines can handle metalwork, woodwork, and plastic work. However, specialized woodworking lathe machines should not be used to process metal. Choose a woodworking lathe machine only if you are not dealing with metal in your manufacturing processes. It is advisable to get a woodworking lathe machine as it can handle woodwork. Thus, you do not have to purchase different lathes for different materials. The CNC lathe is multipurpose and can be used for a range of production processes.

Available in Different Sizes

The truth is that a mini CNC lathe is a great investment for a small business. Even then, the machine is available in a range of sizes. You should note that size can be the main difference when it comes to providing intricate designs and bulkier material. Ideally, a mini lathe is perfect for detail, whereas the large ones have the durability and strength to process robust metal sheets.

Save On Labor

Traditional manual lathe machines are labor-intensive. Also, they needed skilled operators to handle the machine and the workpiece. Fortunately, with the CNC lathe machine, manufacturing processes that require a lathe machine are less daunting. This is because you only need one operator who is skilled to feed the dimensions into the computer.


One of the better investment decisions you can make for your business is to get a mini CNC lathe machine. This machine will make your manufacturing a breeze and help you earn more profits. Also, it will increase the production rate, increase consistency in the quality of your products, and quick turnaround.


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